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About the Fotographer

I always loved animals...

and then I was given a Cabbage Patch Kids camera when I was 8 years old.

It couldn't be pried out of my hands. I spent that summer on my grandparents' farm taking pictures of the cats and the dogs, perhaps my cousin's pet cow. Anything that would let me get my lens on it...

I had found my other love.


Being a pet photographer really does combine the two things I love the most! After Cabbage Patch Kids were no longer the "in thing", I peeled the stickers off that camera and kept right on using it. In high school, I took two photography classes and fell even further in love. It became my goal to be a Director of Photography for film. When I went off to college in Austin, Texas I minored in Photocommunications taking various photography, video production, and digital imaging classes. I loved being behind the camera... and looking back at the pictures I took, anyone can see what I prefered to photograph!


I didn't become that Director of Photography, although I did work in television for many years. Instead I went back to school and got my Master of Business Administration and began working for the National Park Service. Once I graduated I was hired on permanently! I love our mission! But my husband encouraged me to really combine my two passions and start my business and now instead of just following my own pets around, I can follow yours too!


Growing up with various dogs and cats, I can't imagine my life without a furrie friend or two... or three. My husband and I now have five doggies and two kitties as well as a human kiddo!


I find myself drawn to taking photos of animals whether furrie or feathered or scaled. I want every photo I take to showcase your friend's personality, no matter what it is!


I know your furrie friend is fabulous and I can't wait to meet both (or all) of you!