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Furrie Foto Session

Location, Location, Location

My first priority is the comfort of your furrie friend... so I come to you! We can have our session at your home, at the park, or even at the beach. You know your pet the best and where we can get the shots that showcase his or her personality!

If you'd like to shoot in a location that you think is really pretty or unique, I'm all for it! But if your friend hasn't been to that particular place before, I would recommend checking it out with them a few times and seeing how they react before we make a final decision.

I prefer to use natural light so if we choose an indoor location, there needs to be plenty of windows!

The Shoot

I've never met an animal that I didn't like and I think they can sense that... however, I have met a few that aren't too sure about that big black and silver thing that keeps following them around and beeping. You know, the camera.

When I first arrive, before I pull out my camera, I spend a little time petting and chatting with your friend... so s/he will be my friend too! Once we bond a bit, then out comes the camera... and the toys and the treats!

Don't worry if your friend is a bit shy or unsure; I have plenty of patience and that pocketful of yummy, but healthy, treats does wonders as well!

After the Session

Most sessions last an hour to two hours. Sometime in the following week I will post a sneak peek on my blog!

Then two to three weeks after the session I will have your gallery up and ready for viewing! Galleries are kept up for three weeks.

I hope you will allow me to capture the personality of your furrie friend so that you can have that treasured memory forever.